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Commander Susan Ivanova (Claudia Christian) Nude Slave

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First officer, Babylon 5. Very tough and stern. Rejects Marcus's advances, but interested in Talia. Ivanova invited Talia for a sleepover and used her psi powers to get Talia to strip for her. Definitely "the man" in the lesbian relationship, Ivanova not only wore but walked around with a strap on dildo, and had her trousers adjusted to fit its size and girth.

Genre: Babylon 5
Gender: woman
Combat: 74 (75)
Seduction: 100 (100)
Income 150
Spankings 0
Status Ready for some loving!

Abortions 61
How many times had sex 311
Impregnations 58
Sluttyness 30

Commander Susan Ivanova (Claudia Christian) has Space Herpes

*****Menstruation red alert*****

Owner: Slave in the General Pool
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