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Captain Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) Nude Slave

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The first starfleet captain with a perm. Captain of the starship Voyager, which she allows to become stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Couldn’t even have sex with Chakotay when they were naked in a hot tub together. Actually couldn't have sex with anything besides holograms. I think it is clear that something was going on between her and 7 of 9, however. Her boobs were not as large as 7 of 9's but were a good size which you could see in the rare occasions she stripped down to her shiny tank top.

Genre: Star Trek
Gender: lesbian
Combat: 40 (40)
Seduction: 90 (90)
Income 135
Spankings 0
Status Ready for some loving!

Abortions 8
How many times had sex 141
Impregnations 10
Sluttyness 20

Venereal Disease: Clean--at the moment!
Menstruating status: Dry (at the moment!)

Owner: Laserman22
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Laserman22 got Kate to get nude, made sexy love to her, and she is now carrying his child!!!!

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