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From the Neck Down: She was in American Pie (I think she was the pie).
Evidently she was hired to do a scene where she first admired her breasts in the mirror while nude and then masturbated in her underwear while getting caught in the act by another guy. Isn't America great?
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 Shannon Elizabeth nude
She wears pushup bras, short skirts, and nude pantyhose
She likes MILFs who are topless and good at massage and seduction
She has a fetish for porn involving monkeys and naked midgets
She enjoys taking off her clothes in public on a subway platform
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Her best liveshow involved a female midget from thailand who rubbed her body during massage and then made love to her. , so Shannon enjoys while nude.
From the Neck Down
Lesbian orgies are not her thing unless the women have large breasts
She climaxes quite loudly during orgams
She can't count past 69
She prefers to be naked and nude, especially when taking off her clothes and showing her large breasts
 Shannon Elizabeth fake
She wears see through transparent panties that are sheer
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