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From the Neck Down: She was in American Pie (I think she was the pie).
Evidently she was hired to do a scene where she first admired her breasts in the mirror while nude and then masturbated in her underwear while getting caught in the act by another guy. Isn't America great?
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 Shannon Elizabeth nude
She is very hairy because she won't shave between her legs
She is intrigued by double edged dildos
Are her breasts oversized? About the size of a pair of melons, don't you think
She likes to make love to husbands and wives in bed
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She masturbates to photos of japanese milfs and cougars , so Shannon enjoys while nude.
From the Neck Down
She likes threesome with women with large asses
She prefers having sex in the kitchen or on the driveway
She likes a sexy massage, especially from a Filipina girl
She wears pantyhose and lacey underwear and lingerie before sleeping with men
 Shannon Elizabeth fake
Sucking is not something she enjoys but she can be persuaded if you put clamps on her nipples
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