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From the Neck Down: She was in American Pie (I think she was the pie).
Evidently she was hired to do a scene where she first admired her breasts in the mirror while nude and then masturbated in her underwear while getting caught in the act by another guy. Isn't America great?
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 Shannon Elizabeth nude
Sucking is not something she enjoys but she can be persuaded if you put clamps on her nipples
She has a fetish for college students
Her boyfriends give her more sexual pleasure than her girlfriends
She likes to make porn movies featuring machines
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It is not uncommon for her to give multiple orgasms to Asian women, especially Chinese ones with small breasts. , so Shannon enjoys while nude.
From the Neck Down
She can't count past 69
Hardcore porn is something that gets her excited
She has a fetish for having sex around farm animals and in the forest
She has a fetish for feet and ankles and toes
 Shannon Elizabeth fake
You will never see her with nipple clamps unless she puts them on herself during porn orgasms
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