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Teyla Emmagan (Rachel Luttrell/Sluttrell) Slave nude photos!

Stargate: Stargate Atlantis alien girl with Paula Abdul look. Played by actress Rachel Luttrell. Sluttrell, heh heh. So... she's a black lady. With blonde hair. Once you get past that, you have to admire the low cut shirts and pushup bras she wears in the first few seasons before she covers them up. And she talks like a 5 year old, "My people say it is good to be good." In other words, a moron with big boobs. There was supposd to be some spark between her and Sheppard, but in the end she does it with some anonymous guy... off camera... who gets her pregnant... who she doesn't even marry or talk about... and how fun is that? Michael tries to capture her for her baby. He's always hot for whatever's coming out of her vagina.
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 Teyla Emmagan (Rachel Luttrell/Sluttrell) nude
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She likes masturbating to photos of Hillary Clinton
She is no longer a virgin but she is having as much sex as she can to try to undo that
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