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Xena: Lesbian Warrior Princess. Has a dark heterosexual past she is working to redeem. She loves Gabrielle, Lao Mama, and most other women she comes across. It is a waste of text to say she was a lesbian with Gabrielle--how many excuses did they have to get naked, rub each other, kiss each other, etc? They were practically scissoring each other from the second episode onwards.
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 Xena (Lucy Lawless) nude
She is very hairy because she won't shave between her legs
A boob job is something she never considered, until she talked to her plastic surgeon
She likes masturbating in orgies
She is very sexy but only enjoys sleeping with guys who like sexy ladies
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She wants to be spanked with a ping pong paddle , so Lucy enjoys while nude.
Making love to Asian women really excites her
Her pubic hair is always freshly shaved just in case she meets a Japansese woman on the street.
She is intrigued by double edged dildos
Sucking is not something she enjoys but she can be persuaded if you put clamps on her nipples
 Xena (Lucy Lawless) fake
She has the best orgasms with asian lesbians
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